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Crypto Debit Cards

Through our crypto mining partners, we have been able to introduce low cost-effective Bitcoin and USDT crypto debit cards for payment at all Point of Sales, websites, online and where Visa and MasterCard are accepted across the globe.

Introducing Crypto Debit Cards

Specifically designed for low cost-effectiveness, these cards are also used for Bitcoin and USDT purchase at highly competitive rate across all crypto exchange platforms using an embedded mining chip that eliminates transmission and network fees thereby placing all purchase order at 25% discount off prevailing market price. Example, card of US$50,000 BTC face value costs US$37,500.

Whereas we offer virtual and physical crypto debit cards, the deliveries are through email and physical address for virtual and physical cards respectively. All virtual cards are delivered within one hour, and 3-5 banking days for physical card upon order.

Crypto Debit Cards' Face Value and Cost

Virtual Card
Face value (BTC)

Cost (US$)

Physical Card

Face value (BTC)

Cost (US$)

All physical cards are reloadable at no cost.

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Payment via PayPal

Would you choose to make payment through Paypal, please contact: [email protected]

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